Flesh and blood lawyers beware

Flesh and blood lawyers beware – Online Dispute Resolution in on the march…

It would be so much easier, wouldn’t it? Feed the facts into a computer and out comes the result! Just conceivably possible in some areas of the Law – but surely never in our criminal jurisdiction?

Heaven forbid – but only provided that juries and judges aren’t replaced by robots, of course, and that could come if we don’t watch it. Just think of the saving to the public purse were that ever to happen? The number crunchers would just adore it.

Meanwhile, advocates in criminal courts will just have to continue to use their very human powers of persuasion and long may that remain to be the case. That’s not just for the benefit of lawyers either – who would really want to be tried by faceless machines, even in the high–tech world of the 21st century?

And think what would happen to all those legal dramas we love to watch on TV, quite apart from the literature. No more stories from the likes of Charles Courtley, for instance, who describes in my novel Wig Begone, the chaotic life of a young barrister…

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