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Hooray for tradition! Pride in being a barrister lives on at Nottingham University.

I was delighted to address the Bar Society of Nottingham University last week and tell them a few tales about the Bar that I used to know way back in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

But what impressed me most was the enthusiasm and commitment, shown by the students present, to my old profession. I wish them all the best of luck in these challenging times and may they confound the doom mongers who say the Bar is living on borrowed time.

My thanks to Maxwell Myers who arranged the talk, which also allowed me to promote my book Wig Begone (about the early career of a young barrister) and its sequel Wig Betrayed (about Charles’ later career as a judge) due to be published early in 2014.

Maxwell was kind enough to respond with this message:

“Our evening with Robert went fantastically. It is so beneficial as students and aspiring barristers to gain such a detailed and personal account of the Bar. Rarely such events are thoroughly entertaining, yet Robert frequently had us in laughter. His personal anecdotes are both moving and inspiring and I would recommend any institution to invite Mr Seymour to talk about his career and new book (we are keenly awaiting the sequel). If you want to know exactly where a career at the bar can take you, Robert Seymour is the man to talk to! We are very much indebted to him at The University of Nottingham Bar Society”.

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One Comment on “Nottingham University Talk”

  1. Nick Adams Says:

    Well done Robert, I wish that I had been there.

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