Phoebe’s entry today…

You’ve seen my picture, and lots of you like it which is very flattering – thank you! So let me tell you a bit more about myself.

The Sillies describe me officially as a Miniature Schnauzer which is accurate in some ways – although ‘miniature’ isn’t me at all frankly. I don’t feel small in any way at all personality -wise as you’ve probably gathered by now.

We also have an enormous advantage over you Sillies too. To look good, I don’t have to do anything really. One of my Pets need only give me a swift brush in the morning and I’ll continue to look perfect for the rest of the day! Whereas, you Sillies tend to look a mess before you put on your clothes. Pity you don’t have the natural furry coats that we do – so much easier.


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