I’m about to tell you about the smells and scents on the beach, but first, thank you for all the ‘likes’ that have been ticked!

Generally, scents and smells are very important to us dogs and the Sillies just don’t appear to appreciate this. True, we dogs often spend hours sniffing away at all sorts of things including lamposts, patches of grass and so on, but remember it’s all part of  canine communication.

Because, just like you Sillies have your E-mails these days, we have our P-mails! Tells us all the doggy things we need to know – who’s been around,  how recently that was, what gender in particular -and so on.

As I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent today, I’ll come back to scents and smells on the beach tomorrow. Meanwhile, please don’t pull us away when we are grinding our noses into the ground – you’d hate it if we pulled you off your mobile phones, wouldn’t you?

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