Dreams can be upsetting, can’t they? When they are nightmares in particular, and we dogs do get them just like you Sillies. Ever heard us yelp, squeak or whine in the night?

But I digress – I was about to describe the special dream, I had.

Well, Great Dog in the Sky appeared (looking remarkably like a Giant Schnauzer actually – but I suppose that makes sense) and pronounced.

Now listen carefully, Phoebe.I’m about to bestow a special gift upon you. Henceforward, you will be able to understand what the Sillies are saying as they prattle away…

I was puzzled, but before I had a chance to ask why – we dogs have never worried about what the Sillies chatter about after all, as long as they take us out for walks and make sure we’re provided with succulent meals – Great Dog had vanished!

More soon…


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