Following the dream, I was now able to follow everything my Pets said particularly about the News – and worse still, see it being reported on the TV! Before, I’d ignored this ghastly contraption as much as I could by lying behind the sofa, and shutting my ears to the noise it makes. But now I was forced to listen to it too, like it or not.

There’s an awful lot of waffle about what the Sillies call politics, which just involves a lot of arguing and shouting as far as I can make out. We dogs may disagree sometimes, but it’s not long before we either wag our tails in friendliness or ignore each other entirely.

And then there’s one particular word that keeps coming up –   Brexit!

At one time, I thought it might have something to do with breakfast and my ears pricked up at this, as any reference to food is always welcome. But it’s not that at all.

Looking at in doggy terms, it’s all about packs. One lot of Sillies want to split the pack here in Britain from a much bigger pack across the channel, and you wouldn’t believe the argument that’s causing!

More later in the week…

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