Another drama at the moment. It seems my Pets are very worried about a virus which I took to be some sort of nasty germ at first, so I spent the morning sniffing around to see if I could find it. Then I realised, it’ll be too small even for a dog to see or smell. But I did think it might mean that I wouldn’t get my usual walk – if the Pets shuffle off to bed, coughing and sneezing…

But it turns out that this ‘virus’ doesn’t affect them physically, but might harm their computer – a machine which they spend hours hunched over!

The Sillies generally are in a terrible flap, as this virus thing may cause mayhem all over the place.

Thank goodness, we dogs have paws and not fingers, so couldn’t operate a computer even if we wanted to – which we don’t.

So why do the Sillies make life so complicated? We animals believe simplicity brings serenity….


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