Good morning to you all, on this fine sunny day in May!

By the way I appreciate all  the ‘likes’, although I don’t want you to think I’m conceited for a moment – mind you, I have to say as a Schnauzer, I certainly belong to the best breed of dog in the world.

Thinking about Top Dogs brings to mind what the Sillies here in England are obsessed about at the moment. They call it an election and it’s all about who’s going to be in charge of Silliedom here in June. That wouldn’t concern us dogs one little bit – after all, aren’t most of us natural leaders anyway? Take me, for example , I’m the leader of the Courtley pack in reality –  managing to shape my Pets’ lives  around my routine (four walks a day at least for example) without them realising it. ‘Doggy Power’ you might say…

And although we dogs may bark and growl sometimes (always for good reason) at least we don’t shout at each other or worse still waffle on, just for the sake of it.

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