Back to this journal after another break. Well, it is holiday time isn’t it?  Except we dogs don’t really need to go on holiday.

I have my Pets so organised now, I prefer to stay at home and stick to my routine. What do so many of the Sillies do instead?

Queue up at airports for ages, have all their personal effects turned inside out, only for them as passengers to be crammed inside ghastly tubes for hours, then arrive in a boiling hot country to roast and finally come home after two weeks, thoroughly sunburned and bad-tempered…

Phew! My apologies – quite a mouthful!

Whereas I, only yards from our house and together with He-Pet, firstly choose a convenient bench to sit. Then I put my front paws on his knees which gives me a wonderful view of the sea over some cliffs. After that, I watch the world (well, other dogs really) go by. I do that as long as I like and then hop off to go home again…

Don’t you think that’s a more sensible way to relax?

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