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I had a thought recently, as I sat on my bench; staring through the hazy distance and into the blue of the waves,flecked with white…

Why do the the Sillies always have to be so busy?

I do something much better being a dog. I just enjoy the sunshine, blinking occasionally if it becomes too intense…

And I’m glad to say that He-Pet now does exactly the same!

Yet only recently, a family nearby plonked themsleves on the next bench along, produced horrid-looking square objects which lit up whilst  the family tapped away furiously using fingers and thumbs!

Chuck ’em away, I say – and get a dog instead.

Enabling your Silly to have a rest, and the dog to enjoy a wag and a woof before resuming the walk!




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She-Pet took me to the Vet’s the other day, an experience I really loathe!

Well, I bet you Sillies don’t really like going to the Doctor’s either, do you?

I’m afraid that I do tend to ‘carry on’ a bit when this happens and being a dog does mean I indulge in a lot of barking, and squealing accompanied by the occasional howl here and there. That’s during the journey in the car.

Mind you I know the whole thing is really for my own good so once the Vet actually examines me in the surgery, I tend to shut up.

When I arrived home She-Pet told He-Pet about how I’d behaved and they were muttering something about me being a ‘Drama Queen’ and that made me think for a moment.

Wouldn’t I do well in one of those soaps the Sillies love to watch? Eastenders, Emmerdale, or Coronation Street.

With my looks and antics, I’d be the Star of the Show!



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Back to this journal after another break. Well, it is holiday time isn’t it?  Except we dogs don’t really need to go on holiday.

I have my Pets so organised now, I prefer to stay at home and stick to my routine. What do so many of the Sillies do instead?

Queue up at airports for ages, have all their personal effects turned inside out, only for them as passengers to be crammed inside ghastly tubes for hours, then arrive in a boiling hot country to roast and finally come home after two weeks, thoroughly sunburned and bad-tempered…

Phew! My apologies – quite a mouthful!

Whereas I, only yards from our house and together with He-Pet, firstly choose a convenient bench to sit. Then I put my front paws on his knees which gives me a wonderful view of the sea over some cliffs. After that, I watch the world (well, other dogs really) go by. I do that as long as I like and then hop off to go home again…

Don’t you think that’s a more sensible way to relax?


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Yes, here I am again! I decided to take a little break from writing my journal, you see. It was too hot to concentrate anyway during the hot spell, so like all sensible dogs, I lay in the garden (usually under a bush) and snoozed all day…

The news was too horrible for words anyway as it turned out – the terrible tragedy of that burning tower for instance. I couldn’t help wondering about the animals inside – were there dogs and cats in there too? Or caged birds for that matter?

Then there were the arguments about ‘the cuts’. I couldn’t really take all that in – the Sillies spend hours and hours arguing about them without coming to any conclusion.

The only ‘cuts’ I was aware of was the gentle snip of Trevor’s shears as he tidied up the Pets’ garden. Trevor, by the way, is the chap who comes in and helps out with their garden most weeks, and he’s my greatest fan! The feeling is mutual too!



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It’s boiling hot at the moment, and during the day I spend as much time as I can in the garden (see photo) where,at least, there’s a breeze. Best place to be, and the Pets agree.

Yet some of the Sillies are in a place called Brussels (isn’t the name something to do with a vegetable?) and are arguing about Brexit again. It’s all about splitting the pack abroad, and our bunch of Sillies deciding to mooch off to do their own thing, as I’d worked out before.

Other Sillies, meanwhile, argue constantly about whether there should be a ‘hard’ brexit or a ‘soft’ brexit.

Sounds to me that the whole thing should really be described as  ‘half-baked’ instead and the Sillies should come back and enjoy the sunshine…




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Much discussion is going on in Silliedom as to who should be the new PM – if the present one were to resign. Then there’s a lot of waffle too about ‘party manifestos’, which seem pretty vague to me.

But it did get me thinking. What would we dogs do, if we were able to introduce DOGGIFESTOS in place of MANIFESTOS?

Our commitments and promises would be much clearer for a start. Such as:

(1) Chunkier and meatier dog food all the time.

(2) Compulsorily titbits every time the Sillies have a meal.

(3) At the very least, three walks a day always to an interesting place where we dogs can have a good sniff around.

I could go on forever…


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I’m very tired today as both my Pets were glued to that awful TV downstairs, instead of being upstairs with me. Now, I sleep in my basket up in the bedroom and like them to come to bed early as I can’t settle without them there.

Meanwhile, this morning the Sillies generally are hithering and dithering about, apparently concerned about  ‘the voting’ last night.

All I remember about that was the sight of hundreds of Sillies piling up piles of loose paper, getting very excited about them and then either clapping or booing enthusiastically!

I couldn’t see what the fuss was all about. To me, piles of paper are to be rustled up together in play, or chewed up if I’m feeling particularly naughty.

But then I’m only a dog…