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Good morning everyone -another lovely day anticipated too – hot and sunny, just like Wednesday!

And today, I’ve got a bit of good news to impart as well, at least as far as we MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS are concerned!

Why? Well, because my breed has been rated the THIRD most popular dog by women in the land, according to a well-known dog trainer.

Makes good sense, of course, although we could have been first – but never mind – I know my pets think I’M the best anyway.

Now, I mustn’t get too big-headed but I do believe that many of their friends would agree with that -particularly the people who look after me so well from time to time.

They know who they are, but I’d like  to thank them publicly in any case – so all my love goes to Carol, Doreen, Tina, Peter and Mick for being so good to me!


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My Pets were watching the news all day, and like all dogs I could feel the grief in the air when they heard about the terrible tragedy in Manchester…

But more than, I was aware of what actually happened which is one of the times that I almost wished I didn’t possess the Gift.

We dogs, of course, will continue to provide all our Pets with never-ending love and support and we always try and do this in practical ways.

You’ll find stroking us, together with gently fondling our ears is a good way of helping you or your children calm down when distressed.

I know it worked for He-pet when he was recently ill…


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Good morning to you all, on this fine sunny day in May!

By the way I appreciate all  the ‘likes’, although I don’t want you to think I’m conceited for a moment – mind you, I have to say as a Schnauzer, I certainly belong to the best breed of dog in the world.

Thinking about Top Dogs brings to mind what the Sillies here in England are obsessed about at the moment. They call it an election and it’s all about who’s going to be in charge of Silliedom here in June. That wouldn’t concern us dogs one little bit – after all, aren’t most of us natural leaders anyway? Take me, for example , I’m the leader of the Courtley pack in reality –  managing to shape my Pets’ lives  around my routine (four walks a day at least for example) without them realising it. ‘Doggy Power’ you might say…

And although we dogs may bark and growl sometimes (always for good reason) at least we don’t shout at each other or worse still waffle on, just for the sake of it.


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Didn’t I say last time that we animals believe that simplicity brings serenity? Well, as so many of you seem to like me (or at least my picture) I’m going to wax philosophical for a moment on the subject.

Of course, I can’t speak for the wild ones or the poor farm animals which we eat but I can be a voice for dogs – and cats too for that matter. Our serenity rubs off on you Sillies, doesn’t it?

For instance ,where would all you cat lovers be without your refreshingly laid-back moggies to greet you (ever so casually, it’s true) at the end of a long hard day?

Or you dog people, without your chosen breed of canine to wag, bark or do both simultaneously as you come through the front door?

You’d be lost without us wouldn’t you?


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Another drama at the moment. It seems my Pets are very worried about a virus which I took to be some sort of nasty germ at first, so I spent the morning sniffing around to see if I could find it. Then I realised, it’ll be too small even for a dog to see or smell. But I did think it might mean that I wouldn’t get my usual walk – if the Pets shuffle off to bed, coughing and sneezing…

But it turns out that this ‘virus’ doesn’t affect them physically, but might harm their computer – a machine which they spend hours hunched over!

The Sillies generally are in a terrible flap, as this virus thing may cause mayhem all over the place.

Thank goodness, we dogs have paws and not fingers, so couldn’t operate a computer even if we wanted to – which we don’t.

So why do the Sillies make life so complicated? We animals believe simplicity brings serenity….



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Following the dream, I was now able to follow everything my Pets said particularly about the News – and worse still, see it being reported on the TV! Before, I’d ignored this ghastly contraption as much as I could by lying behind the sofa, and shutting my ears to the noise it makes. But now I was forced to listen to it too, like it or not.

There’s an awful lot of waffle about what the Sillies call politics, which just involves a lot of arguing and shouting as far as I can make out. We dogs may disagree sometimes, but it’s not long before we either wag our tails in friendliness or ignore each other entirely.

And then there’s one particular word that keeps coming up –   Brexit!

At one time, I thought it might have something to do with breakfast and my ears pricked up at this, as any reference to food is always welcome. But it’s not that at all.

Looking at in doggy terms, it’s all about packs. One lot of Sillies want to split the pack here in Britain from a much bigger pack across the channel, and you wouldn’t believe the argument that’s causing!

More later in the week…


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Dreams can be upsetting, can’t they? When they are nightmares in particular, and we dogs do get them just like you Sillies. Ever heard us yelp, squeak or whine in the night?

But I digress – I was about to describe the special dream, I had.

Well, Great Dog in the Sky appeared (looking remarkably like a Giant Schnauzer actually – but I suppose that makes sense) and pronounced.

Now listen carefully, Phoebe.I’m about to bestow a special gift upon you. Henceforward, you will be able to understand what the Sillies are saying as they prattle away…

I was puzzled, but before I had a chance to ask why – we dogs have never worried about what the Sillies chatter about after all, as long as they take us out for walks and make sure we’re provided with succulent meals – Great Dog had vanished!

More soon…